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Astegno was born in Vicenza, Italy. As a young girl, she participated with her family in cultural trips all over Europe. Her high school education was centered on Classical Studies. She obtained a Master's Degree in Architecture at the University of Venice in 1999.

Nevertheless painting, in every aspect, has always been the core of her interests, as the main way to express herself and her purpose in life. So, during the years, she has been cultivating and developing it (from portraits to personal works belonging to a sort of Magic Realism) in a course parallel to the one of her education.

She also received private art lessons from Giorgio Scarato, great Italian illustrator, and attended classes on engraving and etching. In Vicenza she participated to three solo art shows and other few collective ones in 1999 and 2000. She worked on portraits on commission and decorated Venetian masks with her own designs for firms that sell internationally.

After moving to St Louis, Missouri, she was the resident artist of the Third Floor Gallery on Washington from 2004 to 2007, participating to solo and collective art shows; she also curated art shows for the same gallery for one year in 2008. 

She participated also to many drawing sessions of the ?Draw Club?, to shows organized by ?Art Dimensions?, ?Women?s Caucus for Art?, the ?Open Studios? organized by the Contemporary Art Museum in St Louis; to a collective show organized by ?AMP? in Los Angeles and one by ?The Board of Investment Art? in Chicago.

She painted live at events such as the Taste of St Louis, the Stan Musial Gala, and for eleven consecutive years at the Wall Ball in St Louis. In June 2014 she obtained a solo show, ?Masquerade. Flirting with Decadence? at the SOHA Gallery, St Louis. Afterwards, some of the paintings from the show, have been exhibited at the Houska Gallery, in CWE, St Louis.

Her oil portrait of Philip Slein has been in display at the homonym gallery of the director and collector.

Other participations include a lecture on portraiture at the Science Center and a radio interview by Kelley Lamm in 2010; also portraits for ?Faces not Forgotten?, a project against gun violence.

Paintings from her solo show ?Masquerade? were exhibited at the Mad Art Gallery, for the Venetian Carnevale event organized by the Italian Community in St Louis, in February 2020.

“The Glance of Love” painting has been displayed during all Lent 2021 in three Catholic Churches in St Louis: Epiphany Church, Assumption Church and the Basilica Cathedral.

Her personal works and commissioned portraits are in collectors? houses around the USA and Italy.