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Painting and drawing have been a way to express myself and communicate since I was able to hold a pencil. My personal works, which belong to a sort of "Magic Realism", aim to investigate the meaning of existence. While I let their visual narrative open to interpretations, I strive to convey a deep sense of "love", in connection to its original supreme source. Even and especially the darkest subjects disclose a window on "hope".

My attention to details and realism, in an overall surreal context, is just a tool to intrigue and involve people in this process. Even the most intricate detail remains somewhat unfinished in order to avoid becoming self-referential and losing its power to connect to other details and to the whole substance.

In the same way, my choice of techniques is also determined by the effort to convey such "meanings". 

While most of my paintings are done in Acrylics or Oils and my drawings in Charcoals or colored Pastels, I've also painted on clothes with particular attention to details, while I made murals with a sort of impressionistic vibe.

My inspiration comes from the elaboration of various, usually combined, sources. Academic background, travels, readings, world news, personal experiences, dreams and nightmares.

Usually, different ideas on the same topic, sketched on paper, become integrated in a dynamic and significant composition that, even when complex, doesn’t leave space to unnecessary details.

In a way, my paintings can be seen as thoughts translated into images.

I've also been working on commissions, usually portraits, focusing on the specific requests of the commissioners. In my portraits I like to depict the physical likeness and also the character and soul of the people portrayed.

Following an inspiration that has become clearer and stronger during the years, I've started and I'm going to produce personal paintings centered around my Christian/Catholic faith. My aim is to show God's love, while challenging the viewers to meditate on some of the most difficult and sometimes grueling aspects of life in connection to faith.